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This FREE online course is a great safety course for EVERYONE. Take the Navigation Rules online sailing course to learn navigational markers and USCG rules of the road when sailing or under power.

Estimated time: 3 hours
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FREE COURSE (literally priceless)

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Whether you're learning to sail or an advanced sailor, take this FREE sailing course

I guarantee you'll learn something. The basic concepts of sail trim are explained using multimedia interactive HTML5 animation technology, meaning you'll have various trim controls at your mouse tip while watching wind effects.

Estimated time: 2 hours FREE COURSE

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Imagine the GPS track of your real sailing adventures all automatically uploaded into a free electronic logbook and stored in the cloud for you. Also, at anytime, with the click of a button, our software automatically generates a formatted yacht charter sailing resume for you. Personalize it all with your own favorite vessels and CrewMates™.


A comprehensive online sailing course for beginner to intermediate sailors to learn how to sail large sailboats (keelboats) 26 ft (8m) and above. If you want to learn to sail or improve your sailing skills then the Skipper Large Sailboat Online Course is right for you. An all in one bundle.

Estimated time to complete: 80 hours


Discover the freedom of sailing offshore, losing sight of land, and mastering the ultimate challenges in sailing. Offshore sailing can be challenging and demanding, but with the right knowledge, preparation, and experience, it can also be a rewarding and unforgettable adventure. Always prioritize safety and continuous learning as you pursue offshore sailing - offshore also comes with higher risks and responsibilities, making thorough preparation, seamanship, and safety awareness essential for those embarking on offshore voyages!

This Discounted bundle of sailing courses is designed for the ultimate sailing experience: the knowledge and theory you need to safely, confidently, and competently sail offshore. You'll also receive the Basic Sail Trim and Navigational Rules courses for free. Included:

  • Safety at Sea: Learning Safety at Sea is required learning for sailing offshore. Learn how to prepare and deal with the unexpected and emergencies while sailing.

  • Storm Tactics: An experienced sailor knows how to prepare for storms. Learning Storm Tactics sailing is essential for any sailor venturing beyond the safety of inland waters.

  • Large Keelboats: Explore the anatomy of large keelboats, understanding the components, rigging, and systems that make these vessels unique. Gain insights into maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Sail Theory: The fundamental principles of sailing, including wind dynamics and sailboat physics. Understand how to harness the power of the wind and the physics of sailboat design to propel your vessel efficiently and effectively.

  • Sailing Maneuvers & Techniques: Build your confidence by learning the various sailing maneuvers, from tacking and gybing to heaving to and more! Hone your sailing techniques to harness the wind's power effectively and sail with precision while safely helming the sailboat with confident control.

  • Advanced Sail Trim: Learn sail trim techniques and theory, from basic to advanced sail trim. The Sail Trim online course covers the full range of sail trim knowledge, techniques, and strategies.

  • Sailing Terminology & Communication: The language of unique terms used by sailors, which is essential for clear communication on a sailboat.

  • Docking and Maneuvering Under Power: Learn the intricacies of docking and maneuvering your sailboat under power, ensuring you can navigate even the trickiest of marinas.

  • Anchoring & Mooring: Learn how to anchor like a pro, including anchoring and mooring techniques for different tides and weather.

  • Boat Management & Systems: Learn about boat management and systems (engine, electrical, etc…) to ensure your vessel operates flawlessly throughout your journey.

  • Coastal Navigation: Navigation is an essential sailing course for all sailors operating in inland and near coastal waters.

  • FREE ADDITION! Electronic Navigation: Harness the power of modern technology with electronic navigation tools and charts. Learn to navigate by GPS, use chart plotters, AIS, and more!

  • FREE ADDITION! International Navigation Rules and Buoys: Learn international navigational markers and USCG rules of the road when sailing or under power. When sailing internationally, understand IALA-A and IALA-B navigation rules and buoy systems.

  • Coping with Emergencies: Prioritize safety with modules on safety equipment, procedures, and protocols for different sailing conditions, environments, and crew-overboard emergencies.

  • Essential Knots: Specialized knots to reliably secure lines (ropes) to perform specific tasks in sailing and tame the hundreds of feet of line various lines on a sailboat.

  • Weather: Understanding weather and wind is critical in offshore sailing. Learn weather systems, winds, forecasting, and more to better plan safe and efficient sailing voyages!

  • Bareboat Chartering: Learn how to successfully bareboat charter anywhere in the world.

  • Additionally, FREE online sailing logbook.

  • Captain Level III Rank Awarded to your resume after completing the course and sea time.

From 382.50 Now US$307,- Only

From 382.50 Now US$307,- Only

New Virtual Reality Sailors Simulator Game with Lifetime Access

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Immerse yourself in the world of sailing and enhance your skills with the VR Sailing Course App. Utilizing a Meta Quest VR headset, this fully immersive training and entertainment app offers a 3D environment to learn the fundamentals of sailing and navigation rules. From basic steering to advanced maneuvers like sail trimming, tacking, and gybing, the course engages both mind and body, fostering muscle memory and ensuring long-term retention. With no cost for mistakes, you can confidently develop sailing skills in just two hours. After mastering the basics, explore additional experiences like relaxing and racing.

Estimated Course Time: 6 hours (unlimited sailing, boating & racing) Price: Free Instructions, MarineVerse App required for 19$ Limited Time Only, After Free Registering, we'll Guide you to the Download and Payment of the VR Sim for Lifetime Access

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An excellent professional who is deeply committed to his work. The teaching style is both engaging and informative, making an asset to the Training Institute and a positive influence on the students learning journey.

Excellent teaching and explanation from instructor! One of the best instructor I find in my career. Very helpful and supportive. Full command on subject and satisfy whole class

One of the best instructor I find in my career. Very helpful and supportive. Full command on subject and satisfy whole class.

Great material .Very good days. Appreciate your support. Very good course content Excellent instructor with very useful experience Excellent Instructor Many thanks to Capt. John !

One of the best courses I ever did, especially the Simulator part, had lots of fun there, improving our team's skills and knowledge. Highly recommended Training Course !

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