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What does it take to become a

Rig Mover (part2)

A Career Move Story from one of our Former Delegate Rig Movers,

Capt.Kourosh Rastgoo.

In the past I was placed onboard a Semisubmersible drilling rig to work as Barge Master in 2009, after been assigned many years at different marine sections and positions, attending plenty of marine operations, I got myself familiar with oil rigs and offshore operations and with another point of view. I was there for one year, that was very interesting for me, Before that I was the 1st man, Captain onboard the ships, but it was different at the Offshore Sector, I had to deal with an OIM, that was not easy, lots of things were different, but I got used to that.

Fortunately, my company owns different types of rigs and very soon they sent me onboard Jack Up’s and another window opened for me there.

Due to my previous experiences, which where almost all in the Offshore Sector, I became familiar with the Rig Move Operations.

During the almost 11 years working as a Barge Master, I was very eager to promote myself to be a Rig Mover / Tow Master.

Finally after plenty searches for training centers with Recognition / Accreditation from a well-known organization, I found Rig Move and Jacking Operations MasterClass© which was Recognized by Important Organizations such as the Nautical Institute London UK, which I already received my DP License from earlier.

I found out that this is the time I should grow into the Rig Move Master’s position with their complete training system including state of the art simulator.

I finished the course successfully, right after this training I was given the Position as a RMM, and today (Jan. 2024) app. 3 years later I still work as a Rig Move Master with 37 Rig Moves under my belt.

It was not an easy trajectory, but I’ve landed in the position that I wanted for a long, long time.

In case that you want to speak to me regarding all, fill the contact form and admin will forward you directly to me.


Capt. Kourosh Rastgoo RMM