Jacking and Rig Move Training in Dubai

During the week of April the 22nd we delivered Jacking and Rig Move Training in Dubai

5/5/20241 min read

Dubai, Jacking & Rig Move Course, April 2024

Six proud delegates handed over the Training Certificate of successful passing the training course, Jacking and Rig Move at the Training Facility in Dubai.

Course Objectives (Dubai Only)

The jacking and Rig Move Training Course was designed to give an understanding of safe rig move and jacking operations for jack ups in theory and practice. Practical exercises will be completed in an State of the Art Rig Move and Jacking Operations Simulator, which can Also be deployed fully on-line or Hybrid.

To be able to:

  • Move on to final location by anchors & start jacking

  • Final positioning using 3 vessels and or anchors.

  • Pre-load and punch through

  • Freeing legs

  • RPD Issues

  • Ship handling and rig moves in simulator.

  • Communication / Teamwork between rig and A/H Vessels.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Emergency Response Scenario

The course is recommended for the following positions:

Operational personnel from drilling companies, including; Assistant Barge Engineers, Barge Engineers, Jacking Control Operators, OIMs and all other personnel related to the Jacking and Rig Move Operations. For more information regarding Training at MAERSK in Dubai, Click on this link; https://rigmovemasterclass.com/contact and we'll guide you directly to the Marketing and Sales department of the Jacking and Rig Move Training course of Maersk Training in Dubai.