Do You want to make a start working Offshore as a Rastabout, Roughneck, Deck Crew or Deckhand?

The most important steps to take before even consider to apply for a Job on a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit, MODU or MOU

3/15/20242 min read

Zero to Hero Offshore Cloud Training Package
Zero to Hero Offshore Cloud Training Package

From Zero to Hero, Initial Offshore Land Based Training

This is what you need to know before even considering a Job Opportunity Offshore.

Firstly you need a Basic Awareness and Understanding of all the Dangers Involved working in the Offshore Industry.

To even be considered by Head Hunters and Recruiters one needs to ready Her- or Himself to get picked out of that heap of hundreds of applications for the Job.

The fastest way to start Changing your Career is to have a good look at the requirements to make the move to Offshore work on MOU's or MODU's

The most Important steps to take Before Consider to apply for an Offshore Job are;

We have done all the research for you,

Let's have a look at one needs to comply with before get considered for a Vacancy on a Mobile Offshore Unit or Drilling Unit

  • Firstly you need a Basic Awareness and Understanding of all the Dangers Involved working in the Offshore Industry, what does that mean?

  • It means that you need to get certified to do the Job, Sound and Safely.

  • On top of your hard working, no nonsense attitude and technical, vocational or sailors basic schooling background, you need a bunch of Valid Training Certificates as an extra to qualify for one of the above positions.

The Basic Renewable Training Certificates that one is required to have are the following;

  1. BOSIET Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training in full

  2. RIGPASS Training formerly Called SafeGulf|SafeLand Traing. This Training lies down the foundation and aware workers, co-workers, the public, and the environment to work safe and protect themselves. It provides you to with an endorsement to work on Offshore Rigs as well as on Land Rigs.

  3. Basic Well Control, all Crew on a Rig, Offshore or Onshore needs an Fundamental Training for Well Control.

  4. Fundamental and/or Supervisory Workover, Completions, Wireline, Coiled Tubing and Snubbing Training Certificate. This certificate adds more Value to your Capacity and Gives you Better Chances to Land at Better Positions in the Rigs, comparatively to other workers who not have these qualifications.

We have created a Zero to Hero Start Up Training Package

for you if you consider to change and want to apply for a job on the Rigs, Offshore or at land as well. BOSIET, RIGPASS and Basic Well Control in one Package,

Success that Recruiters and Head Hunters will read your CV this time Guaranteed!

Get Certified and Make the Move to Change Your Career Today!